Pennington's This Week

As of FRIDAY,  September 21st...

In the Distribution Center, there may be PUMPKINS (ONE PER SHARE, PLEASE), lettuce, Eggplant, cherry tomatoes, hot peppers & peppers.  SLICING TOMATOES & Heirloom tomatoes may be in a CHOICE GROUP;  and KALE, CELERY, fennel and SCALLIONS may be in a SECOND. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN BAGS FOR your produce, the tomato quantities are high!


Ground Cherries (Must be harvested from the ground, not from the plant):

Deluxe/Family/Premium: 1 level pint

Basic/Individual/Personal: 1 level 1/2 pint

Assorted Hot Peppers:

Deluxe/Family: 8 pieces

Premium: 6 pieces

Basic/Individual: 4 pieces

Personal: 2 pieces

Paste Tomatoes:

Deluxe/Family: 8 pieces

Premium: 6 pieces

Basic/Individual: 4 pieces

Personal: 2 pieces

Specialty Cherry Tomatoes:

Deluxe/Family/Premium: 1 quart

Basic/Individual: 1 pint

Personal: 1/2 pint

Okra (Best Picking in Back of Field):

Deluxe/Family:  2 quarts

Premium: 1 quart + 1 pint

Basic/Individual: 1 quart

Personal: 1 pint

Flowers, including rudbeckia, zinnias, cosmos & snapdragons:

Deluxe/Family: 100 stems total

Premium: 80 stems total

Basic/Individual: 60 stems total

Personal: 40 stems total


Deluxe/Family: 1 level pint

Premium: 3/4 pint

Basic/Individual/Personal: 1 level 1/2 pint

Herbs, including Specialty Basil, Parsley, Chives, Winter Savory, Oregano, Sage and Mint:

Family/Deluxe Box: 1 large bunch per herb

Premium Box: 1 large bunch per herb

Individual/Basic Box: 1 small bunch per herb

Personal Box: 1 sprig per herb

Boxed Share members with PYO privileges in Pennington may harvest PYO crops. Remember, Boxed Share members have PYO privileges once per week, and our week runs from Monday through Sunday.

We have shares available at all of our locations!  Check out the Join Us page HERE. Information about our 2018 season in Pennington can be found HERE. If you're interested in our Community Supported Agriculture Program in Chesterfield, NJ (close to Hamilton, Bordentown and Allentown, NJ), please click hereInformation about our Boxed Share program can be found HERE.

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