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Honey Brook Organic Farm is one of the oldest operating organic farmsImage title in New Jersey, and the oldest certified organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the Garden State. We are family farmers, and farm as our primary source of income. 

In 1991, farmer Jim Kinsel established Honey Brook Organic Farm’s CSA program. Since then, Jim and his staff have consistently produced some of the finest quality, best tasting and affordable organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and dried beans available. We also grow a wide array of cut flowers for pick your own harvesting!

In 2020, we established a home delivery service, delivering fresh produce and other grocery items to New Jersey and Bucks County residents.  Click HERE for more information regarding our home delivery service.

Farmland we manage is certified organic, which means our fields and growing practices meet strict federal standards. Those standards are upheld through rigorous inspections by third-party inspectors and conducted under the strict purview of the New Jersey Department of Agriculture every year. Our CSA program is one of the largest in the nation with over 2,400 memberships providing seasonal, locally grown organic produce to over 3,000 individuals.  

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Farms we manage include two in Chesterfield Township, Burlington County and one in Hopewell Township, Mercer County.  Produce grown at our farms is distributed through our CSA program's Distribution Centers, also located in Chesterfield and Hopewell (Pennington) as well as through our Boxed Share program and home delivery service.

The produce is integrated throughout, meaning that produce grown in Chesterfield is distributed in Hopewell (Pennington) and vise versa, as well as in our Boxed Share program.  This allows us the benefit of an extended spring and fall season, as the soils in Chesterfield are sandier and better suited for early and late season production.  The soils on our farms in Hopewell (Pennington) are better for growing crops like garlic and heirloom tomatoes, and tend to retain water better during droughty conditions.  Having this versatility of soil types allows us to grow better quality produce for a longer period of the growing season. 

An article AcresUSA published describing our growing practices can be found here.


For over thirty years, we have been donating produce to a wide variety of organizations engaged in alleviating food insecurity throughout Central New Jersey and Bucks County, including Share My Meals, NJ Farmers Against Hunger, Rolling Harvest Food Rescue, The Rescue Mission of Trenton, TASK and Arm in Arm of Princeton.  

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